Cosmic Album Liner Notes

Release Date: June 23, 2022

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Production Credits

Feature: Brick Mortar (Feat. Trigga)


  • Prod. by Pluto Beats: Been About It, Brick & Mortar, Bbl and Chanel, Woosah
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/Santo:   1000 Islands
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/ProdHoops/prodjoco:  Karina's
  • Prod. by Pluto Beats/SIRSKY:   Game Gods
  • Produced by Houmi/ferno:  Palms
  • Produced by Gibbo/Quantich/Lorentz:  Mindreader
  • Produced by Prod.Switch: Better Than Me
  • Produced by Emkay: Mobstas Interlude
  • Produced by Brandon A: Cassius Freestyle

Engineering and Mastering:

Slim ERLabs, San Diego, CA

Cover Art and Acknowledgements

Cover Art and Photography:

Conor Martz

Brand Collaboration:

Special Thanks to RJ Hunter and Cosmic Streetwear for the brand collaboration.