Relationships Are Hard Liner Notes

Release Date: November 10, 2020

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Album Videos: Everybody, Ride or Die.

Cover Art by KG Marquel

Cover Art:

The cover art for Relationships Are Hard was created by talented Atlanta artist, KG Marquel.

Artist's Statement

The Story Behind the Album

The Relationships Are Hard album is not merely a collection of songs. While each song on the album stands on its own, as a whole it chronicles the journey of the young man from lustful passion, romanticizing of an idealized love that can't be achieved, on-again, off-again relationship loops and ultimately a more mature attraction to love and commitment.

"I've had many friends tell me they have listened to a song on the album on repeat because it spoke to their lived experience at the moment. I tried to write an album that would capture universally recognized experiences and the basic truth that relationships are hard." - Don Favelli