Collab with Cosmic the Oasis Streetwear

In June 2022, Don Favelli announced a collaboration with streetwear designer Cosmic the Oasis.

Favelli X Cosmic the Oasis

"As I was developing the Cosmic album, we were in the middle of a pandemic, there were ongoing threats to civil liberties and emerging global dangers. And yet I found myself in a place of personal well-being," said Favelli. "The Cosmic album expresses a personal space, a feeling, an expansion of my inner universe, even when many aspects of the outer world were threatening and contracting."

Similarly, according to RJ Hunter, founder and creative director of Cosmic the Oasis, an Atlanta-based streetwear brand and fashion house, the brand was inspired by an introspective perspective, a "space away from space, a good place even if the larger world you inhabit is chaotic, dangerous or just not right.” The brand fit seemed obvious and the collab was born.